Our works

DFA definitely will be your excellent partner to collaborate, taking each steps in every journey with your increasing products and company needs into the supply chain management and logistics global requirement.

Part of life you might say, Logistics nowadays, or put simply – the flow of things from point A to point B – is a booming, complex business which slowly grows larger and more influential. Each of our team member’s passion for Logistics had come to bring us to get your matters in our hand.

After all, DFA will let you getting more and more used to sitting in your comfortable chairs while our team will be putting their hard work, sweat and fuel in getting your newest households needs, soft drinks you like, gadget and appliance, or anything you might have ordered, need to ship, get to each of their destination from the other end of Indonesia’s beautiful archipelago.

Given that virtually every business depends on the input of raw material and output of goods which we will in DFA, yes.. we will let you have the peace of mind to get your products to where its belong in timely manner.