DFA team says

After more than 25 years combined experiences as professional in several function in several companies, mostly as general management and the last 5 years in logistic area, we set up DFA as your product movement partner. Having a partner which already becoming entrepreneur in Logistic for more than 15 years, we are confident to be able to meet our costumer needs.

As professional in Logistic Department in big FMCG Multinational Company, we’ve been in the company with 9 Plants across Indonesia with more than 100 locations for DC and Warehouse as stock keeping locations. We managed more than 1400 own trucks for product movement between Plant, Plant to Warehouse / DC, and Warehouse /DC to modern outlets and traditional outlets. We managed 50,000 Purchase Orders per day from our customers and ensure to delivered the order with the right quantity at the right time. Being successfully decreased our product cost in logistics in the first 3 years, by managing truck utilization and people resources, We are happy to share our experience with you.

In supporting your logistic needs, DFA will be able to stand on both sides, infact we mostly been on your sides. DFA team member will work in serving you to bring down your logistic cost to optimum level, while at the same time meeting your KPI as logistic professionals. We understand that Your KPI equally as important as meeting your customer service level.

We intend to keep our organization as slim as possible, but let our network expanding. Each of our team member came from logistic companies with years of experience. This is to ensure we provide maximum service at best cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us for discussion on how we can help you and your organization.